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May 4th 2023

Delirium Magazine issue #33 is out now! This issue features an excerpt from my book. The article chronicles the real life exorcism of my childhood friend Len! You can get your copy right here!

March, 13th 2023

The voting has begun for the prestigious Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards!

It's certainly an honor to be nominated. This is, in my opinion, The Oscars of the horror and cult genre. There are 3 categories to which I have projects nominated this year. You can either go directly to The Rondo Hatton Awards official page, here, and vote in as many or as few categories as you like, or if you just want to vote in the selections I have listed below you can do that as well! 

Votes are accepted strictly via email sent to taraco(at) and you need to include your name below your votes.


 16) Best Magazine Column of 2022 - The Rochon Report in Videoscope Magazine


 5) Best Restoration or Upgrade - BANNED


 19) Best Podcast - Frankenstein Mobster


Thank you for your support it means a lot,

and happy voting!

Debbie Rochon

October 19th 2022

Happy Halloweentime!

The latest episode of Obscurities podcast is up! This episode we take a look at the lingering horrors that befell Lake Shawnee Amusement Park and the residual presences that reside there. You can listen on your favourite platform, most are listed on the official Obscurities page here!

You can order your copy of Hot Off the Press: A Charity Anthology of horror stories by many fantastic writers! My chapter is called Unsolved: True Crime Hits Home. It releases on October 21st by e-book HERE or paperback HERE! Proceeds benefit FAST UK – the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics

September 22 2022

The season is upon us! Now that fall has officially arrived there's plenty to harvest this season!

Tomorrow night, September 23rd, Model Hunger will be screening in a special Lynn Lowry block celebrating her Lifetime Achievement Award! It will play at the Shawna Shea Film Festival and Foundation in Uxbridge, MA at 5:00 pm and you can get tickets right here!

Mystery Spot movie will begin its streaming roll out October 7th via Terror Films! You can get more info right here!

You can be a part of the 20th anniversary disk being created right now for American Nightmare! Submit art/fan art or videotape yourself, even with your phone, sharing what AN means to you, a fond memory of seeing the film etc., and email all submissions to  info(at) !

September 1st 2022

Staying in the Pre-Order Zone...

You can pre-order three more titles at very low prices, one distributed by Imprint  Collection and two via Wild Eye Releasing!


- Ladies and Gentlemen: The Fabulous Stains! will have a new release , the new slip cover will only be available for the first 1500 sold.  This remastered film, has all the extras previously on the Rhino release - with a slew of new extras, including an interview with me.  This special edition releases November 30th and you can pre-order it right here!

- My directorial debut Model Hunger has a new raw and extreme edition, the movie and extras are the same but cool new cover art makes this collectible! Releases September 27th. Put your order in here!

- I am one of the many interviewed for the documentary Smoke and Mirrors: The Story of Tom Savini. This doc has been streaming but this will be the first physical media release! the interviewees also include; Robert Rodriguez, Greg Nicotero, Alice Cooper, Bill Moseley and more, releases October 11th - put the order in here!

August 18th 2022

Pre-Orders Are Go!

- You can pre-order the movie Banned right here and lock in the low rate now! There's a thorough description of the disk and elements right on the Amazon page.

- Also, pre-orders have begun for the monster-rama audio-drama Frankenstein Mobster! A extremely well done audio series based on the graphic novel by the same name. The packaging of the show is fantastic, and the price is a steal during pre-order. Check it out right here!

July 29th 2022

Here's some re-releases, via some super cool distro companies, of Debbie movies! There will be breaking news for a couple more surprise re-releases - coming soon.

- The lost Robert Findlay film BANNED will see it's first release ever since it was shot in 1988! Media Blasters has done an excellent job packaging this slice of NYC in the 80s. The Release date is August 30th and you can keep an eye on their site for ordering details right here!

- Vinegar Syndrome has given the star treatment to the Chris Ingvordsen's Cyber Vengeance (1996)! You can order it now right here!

- Unearthed Films has created a packed 2 disk Blu-Ray with the late Ryan Nicholson's brutal horror film Hanger! You can pick it up right here!


July 25 2022

You can pick up the latest Videoscope magazine at Barnes and Noble, or you save $$$ and have it delivered right to your door! Either way, find issue #118, Back to the Drive-In! The Rochon Report features some reminiscing on the making of Hellblock 13 and the popularity of the beloved 'anniversary editions' of our fave, beloved films. Jump right over here to get more info!

April 24th 2022

Model Hunger will be screening at the Dipson Amherst Theatre in Buffalo, NY on May 5th at 9:00 pm! Debbie and star Lynn Lowry will be at the screening with a Q&A after the film. This is in association with the Niagara County Community College. Debbie will be delivering a keynote speech to the school as well as instructing a fun horror/improv class at the Film Festival. You can get tickets, or information on the screening venue, right here!

February 25th, 2022

Obscurities podcast has been nominated for a Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Award for best podcast! This is a huge honour for the show! If you would like to vote just jump over to the official site right here! You can just vote for Obscurities or all categories!

February 4th, 2022

Lots of exciting things percolating for 2022 and beyond! Films, magazine articles and books all being completed and updates coming soon.

- Director Trevor Juenger's film The Man in Room 6 will be birthing onto the film fest and indie movie screening scene very soon - a unique film that will do well with the horror crowd, also staring Bill Oberst Jr. and Jackie Kelly. Link to trailer when it becomes available.

-Mel House's movie Mystery Spot will have a distribution home in the near future, his movie has won multiple awards on the festival circuit and will definitely be a must watch when it releases. In the meantime the trailer can be seen right here!

*Let's look at a few projects-made-during-pandemic-lockdown!

- Director Bianca Crespo's psychological horror, FREAK, will be a fave among fans of stylized anxiety-fueled films. The movie's trailer can be seen here.

Here's some fun projects from Joel D Wynkoop made with many collaborators around the globe:

- The Craiglon Incident trailer right here, he was so prolific he even did the remote shot sequel

-The Craiglon Incident II Aftermath, trailer right here.

If you thought that was the only project he did during lockdown - think again! He also made

-Horrortales.666 Part 2 trailer right here.

Dewayne Etheridge also worked remotely throughout the lockdown and he has some fun projects hitting soon too,

-Slumber Party, Slaughter Party part 2 teaser, also starring Brinke Stevens right here.

December 18th, 2021

A very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year to everyone!

A few updates before we dive into the New Year 

- A charity book of drabbles Out of the Darkness is out now in Kindle or paperback! It's a wonderful charity book that I have contributed to, with proceeds going to Mulligan's Manor a half-way house that helps at-risk LGBTQ+ teens that have been abused. You can find it on your country's Amazon site and can learn more right HERE

-A new anthology film titled Death Breed is out now - made up of classic horror shorts by Ben Dixon. Find out more about this horror feature right Here!

-Videoscope is back - Nancy Naglin, Joe Kane's wife and a celebrated writer and editor, will be reviving Videoscope Magazine with the first issue hitting stands and mail boxes in January 2022. I have resuscitated my column, The Rochon Report, for the publication! More links and details where to get the first Nancy helmed issue shortly! If you want to sign up for a subscription you can do so right Here!

-A few more news items will be added shortly, as soon as I get solid release dates. Until then have a wonderful holiday! Check out the podcast I host called Obscurities - platforms can be accessed right Here!

Happy October 2021!

We're Ringing in this exciting month with a gorgeous new magazine cover! Debbie graces the cover of ORACLE mag with stunning artwork by painter Bob Hobbs. If you're in the Atlanta, GA area you can pick one up for free in local book stores and Whole Food stores, if you're not in the area you can send away for a copy right here!

The fun and crazy world of "Seaververse" is being celebrated by Makeflix! They're re-releasing special editions of Chris Seaver's classic comedies! Debbie appears in the box set called Bonejack and Teen Ape's Dirty Dozen, this set includes both "Mulva movies" and you can order it here. And she's also in the comedy series Filthy McNasty which has it's own Quadrilogy box set which you can grab right here! Both on sale at an incredible discount. Limited editions, so if you dig crazy, fun, comedy-horror - consider picking them up!

Grab the latest copy of Delirium Magazine, issue 27, for a flashback interview Debbie and former WBAI radio co-host Peter Schmedig conducted with the late Stuart Gordon in 1995! Also, Debbie will be starting up a column in this slick, colorful, and always eccentrically unique film magazine starting with issue 28! Get one issue or subscribe right here!

January 6th, 2021 Update-

Happy New Year 2021! May this year bring peace, good health, creative satisfaction, and may we begin to turn the corner on this vicious pandemic. Much love and healing to you and everyone in your family.

My podcast Obscurities is now on YouTube for those that like visuals with their podcasts! It's free so why not check it out and while you're there please subscribe! Here's the link right here.

November 25th, 2020 update -

Check out the new podcast I host called Obscurities! Listen and subscribe to the show - it's free! The theme of the show covers mysteries, oddities, haunted and cursed locations - all things strange and otherworldly! You can listen on any of these platforms: Apple,Tune-In, Castbox FM, and Stitcher!

November 20th 2020 update -

Director Jon Keeyes has signed on with a very prestigeous distribution company to release the 20th anniversary edition of American Nightmare movie! More news/details to come, but we're looking at a possible March 2021 release date!

Mark your calendar for Black Friday! Severin Films is releasing a brand new edition of The Theatre Bizarre film which goes on sale then! New art work, slip cover, and hours of new extras! It will go fast so set your alarm. Debbie stars in the Tom Savini directed segment Wet Dreams.

Delirium Magazine, December 2020 issue, published by Full Moon, edited by Chris Alexander, will feature an article on myself and the feature film FREAK I worked on with Bianca Crespo. Grab a subscription or an issue right here starting Dec 1st 2020!

I was deeply honored to be given the Countess Dracula Award 2020 earlier this month. This was the first time the Dracula Film Festival in Romania bestowed such an honor on a female horror actor/writer/director. I am sincerely grateful to the festival for acknowledging me in this way! Past receipiants of the "Count Dracula Award" have included director Lamberto Bava, actor Armand Assante and special effects master Sergio Stivaletti.

It is with great sadness that I share the news that our Friend, editor and publisher at Videoscope magazine, Joe Kane, AKA The Phantom of the Movies, has passed. I had just received the latest issue #115 with my interview with Max Brooks when his wife and fellow writer Nancy Naglin contacted me to let me know. Videoscope magazine will no longer go forward with the loss of Joe. If you were interested in getting some of his fantastic books on cult films, you can still enjoy his legacy by picking up his tomes right here.

September 17th, 2020 update -

There are a few exciting things to look forward to and support this Halloween season!

- First up director Jason Paul Collum has released a 15 year anniversary edition of October Moon movie, which also includes November Son the sequel, co-starring Debbie, and you can grab the Blu-ray for 12.99 right here!

- Andrew Shearer just finished his latest film Arreola Jones! A film made during the quarantine.  I was very happy to provide some fun VO for the project. Here's a news article on how he made it here. You can check out the trailer here. And while Andrew is a huge supporter of indie films and all art made indie, you can support him back and pick up a copy here!

- Pre-orders for the charity book It Came From the Darkness, featuring contributions from many famous horror writers, filmmakers, and artists, including Debbie, can be pre-ordered starting October 23rd! The release date by Red Cape Publishing is October 30th, you'll be able to grab the ebook or softcover from your favorite online retailer -but go directly to the source right here! Proceeds go to the incredible charity Max The Brave Fund.

- Keep an eye out for The Phantom of the Movies' Videoscope magazine fall issue # 115, hitting stands and mailboxes Oct 14th. Debbie has an extensive interview with the always fun and deadly serious horror author Max Brooks! Scope it out here!


Debbie has her CAMEO page open for shout outs! She also has exclusive video options on the new JEMI page! Debbie has now joined the fun and always funny crew at CELEBVM based out of the UK! No reason to be bored during the pandemic! Take extra care of yourselves and family and grab a video from or with Debbie!

July 30th, 2020 update -

Alexandra Heller-Nicholas has just published her epic 600-page book called "1000 Women in Horror" which just hit online stores! Among the fantastic interviews with horror icons, Debbie has a terrific interview included in this must-have tome! Grab yours at your favorite on-line bookseller, and you can read about it on

Entertainment Weekly's website right HERE!

June 20th, 2020 update -

The Phantom of the Movies' VIDEOSCOPE magazine, Spring 2020 ( issue # 114 ) has hit mailboxes and the cooler newsstands this week! In my column The Rochon Report, I cover the movies I've worked on In The Blood (Formerly Imago) and Mystery Spot, both should be out this year if not - 2021. You can grab your issue of Videoscope issue #114 directly from the source on their website right here! If you don't want a subscription (which you should get ;) ) You can use the email address found on the site to directly order any specific issues/copies.

I hope everyone is staying safe through the COVID19 pandemic. I know that with magazine press times a flutter, film releases and film shoots are all over the place with uncertain dates, - in fact, things will get to a point sooner rather than later where it will be easier to give specifics on all matters of the horror screen! xoxo

It's the 2019 Halloween season and with that comes the top horror lists from media outlets! Today on the DAILY HAWKER web site Debbie is put on the "20 Best Scream Queens in Movie History" list! Check out the article right here!


Want to celebrate Halloween, Christmas or any special event? Get a shoutout or words of encouragement? Check out Debbie's profile on Cameo website for a video hello! Just click - HERE!


Grab a copy of The Phantom of the Movies' Videoscope magazine issue # 112, on stands NOW! My article on the making of The Man in Room 6 is featured in this Halloween issue!


THE ASYLUM magazine's current issue, published in Italy, features Debbie's column Debbie Rochon's Bloody Underground and in keeping with the B&W film theme of this issue, Debbie writes about her experience making EXHUMED. Shipping now (August 2019)!


New article up on Icon vs Icon site! Very in-depth interview; UNSTOPPABLE: Debbie Rochon on Her Career, Artistic Evolution and New Projects, posted January 2019. You can read it by clicking right here!


DOOM ROOM movie here! You will be able to see the movie that takes you on a trip into the darkness of all the ghoulish characters that live in the Doom Room! VOD release date Jan. 15th and DVD release date Feb 12th. Stop by the D-Mart to get a signed copy! Check out the trailer for this unique and disturbing film right here!


Read the new Debbie interview on the best UK news and entertainment site - DEVOLUTION MAGAZINE! Check it out right here!


As of December 4th Bloody Ballet hit DVD! Directed by the masterful up-and-coming director Brett Mullen, this giallo throw-back-suspence-slasher is as gruesome as it is beautiful. A true piece of horror-art film-making! You can grab your very own copy right HERE!


Italy brings us a brand new, beautiful, full color glossy horror magazine called ASYLUM - the first issue hits this month - December 2018! Debbie's column is called Debbie Rochon's Bloody Underground and in the first issue the film

Doom Room is featured. Printed in both English and Italian languages, if you would like to buy a copy or subscribe click right HERE.


Alexandra Heller-Nicholas has penned a wonderful article for New York magazine's online site Vulture. It's a look at 'Ladykillers: An A-Z of Women’s Horror Filmmaking' you can check it out by clicking on:

R is for Rochon!


Debbie makes the "Top 11 Greatest Scream Queens of all time" over at! Check it out right here!


Happy October 2018! October is our favorite month and with it comes many Terror themed journo lists! Here's a cool one from inker Elliot Smith published on Yahoo! News and Entertainment Tonight web sites "40 Top Scream Queens of the Past 40 years" read it right here.

Debbie Rochon #36 -"If you’ve skipped Tromeo and Juliet or Slime City Massacre, you’ve missed out on one of horror’s most underrated performers, who has appeared in hundreds of movies and was inducted into the B-Movie Hall of Fame in 2004."


Keep an eye peeled for

my uncle john is a zombie!

screenings coming near you!

For full list of screenings click here!


Two decades after Tromeo and Juliet, Lloyd Kaufman and Troma Entertainment are going Back to The Bard for a Tromatized adaptation of

William Shakespeare's "The Tempest". Coming 2019! Watch the teaser for Shakespeare's Sh*tstorm right here!


Mark your calendar! September 11th will be the limited edition of the DVD release of

Dick Johnson and Tommygun vs. The Cannibal Cop! 

It Will also be screening on various VOD platforms. Keep an eye on the Alternative Cinema website to grab this hilarious buddy-cop, comedy-horror!

Info on film right here!



Coming to Oneonta, NY this October 12th!

A fun and unique take on the classic Christian Scare movies SATAN HATES YOU! It will screen as the 3rd movie in director

James Felix McKenney's trilogy!

For more info click right HERE!



June 30th 2018-

Paul Goldberg wrote this terrific article for film makers and film fans alike, I was privileged to be a part! You can read it right here



Ms. Rochon is currently writing her book.



Director Jon Keeyes is currently working on a 20th anniversary Blu-ray of

American Nightmare!

If you would like to create a video or artwork - it could even just be a photo of you holding your American Nightmare DVD - and would like to be included on a special extra segment for the Blu-ray just send in your video or images to:

janetoppan (at)

If creating a video - you can do anything you like from telling us how the movie affected you, your feelings about it, you can re-create a scene from the movie, or just a quick vid of yourself on your cell phone sharing your experience or thoughts on American Nightmare!

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